Parking lots are the essence of any type of construction and it is crucial to have all concrete poured according to plans and specifications. Although many times concrete might be taken for granted due to its nature, being all gray, boring, not necessarily appealing to the eye, but when it’s not done right it becomes automatically noticeable by anyone. Having a parking lot concrete poured the right way, following all elevations so standing water does not become a problem, having all expansion and control joints installed according to details and specifications, being efficient while pouring concrete and having the right coordination are extremely important factors towards achieving good results. Botello Builders takes all measures mentioned before seriously and creates an environment of discipline and excellence in craftsmanship among our employees so that we can deliver the expected results by our clients.

Pavement for parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks is an area of most projects where having the right coordination while being efficient at the same time are essential to be successful. Using the right equipment to be able to complete the work within specified times, being productive while using such equipment, and delivering the work according to expectations could definitely make a difference between Subcontractors.

Using the right material suppliers is also a key point towards reaching the desired results by any contractor. Botello Builders works jointly with many suppliers, we have created relationships with many local and national vendors we can depend on. It is crucial to have the right people by your side in order to reach success. Botello Builders has earned a reputation of quality among its customers due to the efficiency, coordination, cleanliness of work, safety, integrity of its employees, and quality of work.