Safety is our #1 Priority

Having a safe work environment for all employees at any jobsite is with no doubt one of the most comforting things any General Contractor can have and Botello Builders makes this its number one priority. We at Botello Builders make safety of our employees  essential and vital, we keep our employees informed of the latest safety requirements through OSHA approved training sessions as well as weekly jobsite safety meetings. While all other aspects of the construction process are important, safety becomes a priority and Botello Builders takes it seriously, we enforce all OSHA required personal protective equipment by all of our employees at all jobsites and we make sure all construction methods we use are enforced according to OSHA rules.

Our safety record speaks for itself, we keep working for most of our clients in a regular basis and they demonstrate the satisfaction they receive from our company; in exchange we appreciate the work we receive from them and we are satisfied to be able to achieve our goal of delivering our work through the use of efficient practices, providing safety to our employees, and maintaining a reputation of quality among the industry.